Agency & FCC Labels

Agency & FCC Labels

Adhesa Plate is certified for Authorized Label Supplier Program of UL labels and nameplates PGAA file # LP1964. Adhesa Plate is also certified for UL Marking & Labeling Systems – Component PGDQ2 (UL969) File # MH12483.

Adhesa Plate UL 969 products are certified for indoor and outdoor use and tested for Canadian standard cUL.

In accordance with EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), we can confirm that the materials used to make Adhesa Plate products are compliant. None of the materials named in these directives are knowingly used.

REACH information can be found at: /web/guest/candidate-list-table

UL Approved Labels
LSE adhesive for powder coated surface
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< AdhesaFlex-Ve

  • Certified vinyl products


< AdhesaTherm

  • Certified polyester products with LSE adhesive.
  • Evaluated by UL for additional printing by end user using thermal transfer printer with resin ribbon.


< AdhesaFlex-PCe, AdhesaFlex-PWe, AdhesaFlex-PSe

  • Certified polyester products


< AdhesaLex

  • Certified polycarbonate products


< In accordance with FDA unique device identifier (UDI) label


< AdhesaLex-LSE

  • Certified polycarbonate products with LSE adhesive

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